Hi, I'm Scott Flaherty

. . . and photography is my passion in life. It helps me to filter out the chaos of the everyday, and helps me to see in a way I never would've without it. It's taken me to places in the world, I never thought I'd go. It's given me the tools to connect with the world, and the people around me. Please join me, as I share with you . . . what I see.

Now Available

Smart Phone wallpaper. Get your smart phone a special wallpaper background. Click here to see what we're currently offering. These wallpapers are something new that I just started offering. So while the collection isn't that large just yet . . . it will definitely go over time. So make sure you check back with us again.

Client Galleries

If you've hired me for a photo session, you'll be able to find your photos in the 'The Store', after your gallery has been created. Once in 'The Store', you can place the gallery name you were given into the search tool, and you'll be shown a link to your gallery.

Fine Art Prints

The Fine Art gallery can be found in 'The Store'. And once inside, you'll see the categories listed below. In addition to traditional prints, there are other products available on which the photographs can be printed. Digital Licensing is also available. Please reach out to me via the Contact page for more information..


A sample selection of photographs from across the Fine Art categories on this web site.


Photographs of wildlife from North America and around the globe.


Landscapes were my first passion in photography, and remain high on my list, even today.


This category hold photographs of cityscapes, both grand and intimate. You'll also find architectural photos as well as lifestyle photos from various locations around the world.


Flowers come in all shapes, colors and sizes. What would our world be without them.


In addition to what many consider fur babies (e.g. dogs & cats), you'll also find larger domesticated animals such as horses, llamas, etc.


This category focuses on the small creatures, who refuse to be overshadowed by the those found in the "Wildlife" category.

*** NOTE ***

More images will be added to these galleries over the next few months, as I migrate everything over from my old web site. So, if there was something on the old web site that you wanted to get, please let me know. I'll make sure to get it over here for you just as quickly as possible.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”